Hypnosis Denver

Henry Dooley, PsyD, LP

Dr. Henry Dooley specializes in helping growth-focused people to break through the barriers that keep them from experiencing the same level of wellbeing and success in all aspects of their lives – their relationships, careers, home lives, spiritual lives, etc.

Center for the Connected Self

HenryDooleyPsyD@gmail.com • 720-441-3690
1780 S. Bellaire St. Suite 407 Denver, CO 80222

Sam Kohlenberg, LPC

Sam is a Licensed Psychotherapist in private practice. His area of clinical focus involves teens and adults working with issues relating to Giftedness, ADHD, and 2e (high IQ + another exceptionality).
samLPC.com • 720-775-7077
852 Broadway STE 200 Denver, CO 80203

Carol Loadman-Copeland, PhD, NCC

• 303-771-0449
Centennial, CO

Amy Milkavich, PsyD, LP

Dr. Milkavich works with adults on a variety of concerns, including depression, anxiety, self esteem, postpartum depression, chronic pain management, relationship challenges, smoking cessation and more. 303-736-9965
10955 Westmoor Drive, Westminster 80021

Tamarah Rodriguez, MD, LPC

Tamarah Rodriguez, M.D., LPC, MFT, NCC is a Bilingual Counselor-Psychotherapist, Marriage and Family Counselor, and Hypnotherapist, who utilizes Neurofeedback and Biofeedback in Denver, CO.

Jonathan Sheldon, MD

Jonathan Sheldon, MD, is a family physician and geriatrician who has practiced medical hypnosis since 1995. He is an Approved Consultant of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, where he has served as an instructor. He also holds membership in the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis and the International Society of Hypnosis. coloradohypnosis.com • 303-789-4949 Denver, CO

Madeline Stein

Madeline is a master’s candidate obtaining her degree in professional counseling from Naropa University. Her area of clinical focus is working with gifted kids and teens, as well as severe trauma. Madeline has completed beginning, intermediate, and advanced hypnosis training through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. She is a student member of CSCH, ASCH, and the Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis • www.madeline-stein.com

Jesse Valdez, PhD

Dr. Valdez is a licensed psychologist providing behavioral health and related services to individuals, couples, families, organizations, community health centers with integrated health services, colleges, universities, and university-based health and counseling centers and psychological services using evidence-based interventions.
Denver, CO

Greig Veeder, MSW

GV is a licensed mental health professional with over 30 years experience helping clients out of difficult situations.
greigveeder.com • 303-916-2233
1805 S Bellaire St #406, Denver, CO 80222