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The first-ever American Society of Clinical Hypnosis Denver Regional Workshop is just around the corner (Click here for more information). Did you know that you can receive a substantial discount when attending this workshop as a member of the Colorado Society of Clinical Hypnosis? And that there is just enough time to become a member if you apply today?

To apply, please click here for our application and submit it ASAP. It’s quick and easy and may just save you a few hundred bucks! You will also be able to join us at regularly occurring meetings and take part in future training and clinical consultation sessions.



PESI-ASCH Completion Course

We are delighted to announce that the Colorado Society of Clinical Hypnosis is sponsoring a PESI COMPLETION COURSE led by instructors Ian Wickramasekera II. PsyD, Amy K. Milkavich, PsyD, Samuel Kohlenberg, LPC.


The course is to take place from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm on Friday, March 30
The cost of this course is to be $150 for regular attendees and $75 for student attendees. Student attendees must be enrolled in a full-time license-eligible clinical terminal degree program.
The course will be held at the offices of Samuel Kohlenberg, LPC at 852 Broadway STE 200 Denver, CO 80203. 
This workshop is designed to allow PESI students to complete their 20 hours of training in Basic Hypnosis and make them eligible to take the Intermediate or Advanced Workshop at the upcoming Denver Regional.


This course is only open to those students who have already undergone training with PESI. 


In order to register, please call Samuel Kohlenberg at 720-775-7077. Space is limited.


(For those who may observe Passover, there should be about an hour between the end of the workshop and sunset. Thanks. )

ASCH-ERF Regional Workshop

asch_logoThe American Society of Clinical Hypnosis has announced plans for a Regional Workshop to take place in Denver Downtown, Denver, CO April 26-29, 2018.

More information, including registration information, will be posted when it is available.